Program (now with some Handouts)




Saturday October 23, 2004
All day at ITE C80
08:30 Breakfast
9:00 Session 5 Syntax (chair: Susi Wurmbrand)
Martina Wiltschko
British Columbia
Expletive categorical features. A case study of number marking in Halkomelem Salish
Susana Bejar
Syntactic projections as vocabulary insertion sites
Milan Rezac
U. Toronto
The free rider principle: Agree, features and atoms
10:30 Coffee Break
10:45 Session 6 Phonology (chair: David Michaels)
Kathryn Flack
Lateral phonotactics in Australian languages
Nicholas Fleisher
UC Berkeley
Preservation of the marked in vowel reharmonization
11:45 Invited Talk
Lisa Selkirk
The syntax of intonational phrasing from the standpoint of English
12:45 Lunch (1.5 hrs)
14:15 Session 7 Semantics (chair: Kimiko Nakanishi)
Bridget Copley
A conceptual and a grammatical distinction for modals
Mandy Simons
Carnegie Mellon U.
Or and modals
15:15 Poster Session II (See details)
16:15 Special Session SL linguistics (chair: Gaurav Mathur)
Jairo Nunes and Ronice Mller de Quadros
Universidade de So Paulo and Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Focus duplication of wh-elements in Brazilian Sign Language
Christian Rathmann
U. Texas, Austin
FINISH in American Sign Language: One or two lexical entries?
Roland Pfau and Markus Steinbach
U. Amsterdam and U. Mainz
Relative clauses in German Sign Language: Extraposition and reconstruction
17:45 Coffee Break
18:00 Invited Talk
Diane Lillo-Martin
University of Connecticut
Sign Linguistics and the Interfaces
19:15 Party at the Rome Ballroom