Friday October 22, 2004
Morning: At the Dodd Center
08:30 Breakfast
09:00 Opening Remarks (by Diane Lillo-Martin)
09:15 Session 1 Semantics (Chair: Yael Sharvit)
Lisa Matthewson, Leora Bar-el and Henry Davis
British Columbia
Atelic accomplishments in St’át’imcets (Lillooet Salish)
Liping Chen
dou (dis)harmony in Chinese
Ora Matushansky
CNRS/Paris 8
Call me an ambulance
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 Session 2 Phonology/Morphology (chair: Andrea Calabrese)
Jeff Mielke
Ohio State U./U. Arizona
Moving beyond innate features: a unified account of natural and unnatural classes
José Elías-Ulloa
Variable syllable weight and quantity-insensitive allomorphy in Shipibo
Mary Paster
UC Berkeley
A survey of phonological affix order with special attention to Pulaar
12:30 Lunch
Afternoon: At the ITE C80
14:15 Poster Session I (See details)
15:15 Session 3 Syntax-Semantics (chair: Danny Fox)
Seongsook Choi
U. Sussex
Deriving telic and atelic predicates via (non)-extensive measure functions in Korean
Ming Xiang
Michigan State U.
The degree argument and the definiteness effect
Yoshihisa Kitagawa
Indiana University
Wh-scope puzzles
16:45 Coffee Break
17:00 Session 4 Syntax (chair: Jonathan Bobaljik)
Hironobu Kasai
ATB reconstruction puzzles
Takaomi Kato
A case against the representational approach to the coordinate structure constraint
18:00 Invited Talk
Anders Holmberg
U. Newcastle
Null Subjects and Polarity Focus